Tremclad - Navy Blue/Gloss Black/Semi-Gloss Black

USC All Metal - 50751ZP for major repair duties
Evercoat Everglass - 51027ZP for any heavy patch work
Evercoat Rage -  12712ZP for finishing work
Eastwood Black Epoxy Primer (51128ZP)

Im sure everyone has read online about the "$50.00 paint job".  It has been all over the internet, as well as in many car magazines.  I decided to give it a go with the Tremclad (Rustoleum), it worked great.  I used my HVLP setup rather than rolling it, but it really is quite amazing how it laid down, hardly any orange peel!!!

The Past

July 2015:
Since May I have worked hard to finally get some paint on the car.  Filler, primer, blocking, blocking and more blocking!!!!

As before I used the Evercoat Rage filler, and Evercoat's Metal Glaze for the finishing touches.  Tremclad Rattle Can Primer, and a whole pile of Blocking with my Durablocks got it ready!

1964 Pontiac Beaumont

The color is a custom Midnight Blue.  Inspired by Imperial Blue, which is a GM Camaro/Corvette color, I mixed it custom from a Blue Base and a Gloss Black Base

For the grille, tail lights, etc, I used Semi Gloss (Satin Black)